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Pampered Mama: Postpartum Wellness

You've just brought a precious life into this world, and now it's time to embark on a journey of rejuvenation and wellness. As your dedicated postpartum doula, I'm here to guide you through the incredible first six weeks of motherhood, delivering a revitalizing experience for both you and your newborn.

New Mama Wellness

Staying home and caring for a newborn or a toddler is a very demanding season for any mom. So much is required of you, so much needs your attention. We want the best for our babies, we spend hours reading the books about parenting, child brain development, learn about the best educational philosophy and so on. We dedicate our time, energy and mental resources to well-being of our newborn baby. 


Did you know that the well-being of the mother impacts the well-being of the baby and the well-being of the whole family? Your self-care and wellness are not an indulgence, but a necessity. ​


During this very important season of your life allow Zaure, Pampering Doula to make you feel well-rested, rejuvenated, and nourished.

As you take time to invest in yourself, you will feel more relaxed and calm, recharged, and ready to give more quality care to your child and family, who depend on you.


New Mama Wellness

Gift Card

Be creative and for a Baby Shower, remember to shower an expectant mama. Gift her a Gift Card of pampering and wellness


If you want to get a few sessions at a time, Zaure offers Packages.

Still not sure? Click the button below to read about the benefits of postpartum care and support for new parents. 


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