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Montessori Parenting

Join a community of mamas and discover what Montessori Parenting can look like in your home. 

Montessori Baby is a mom support group. Groups are offered online and in-person. It is a time for community, fellowship: we share the motherhood transition and the journey. 

Here you will learn the foundational principles of newborn care according to leading approaches, like Montessori philosophy and the principles of Magda Gerber, the founder of the RIE Method.  If you want to gain a better understanding of the young child's development, practice observations and learn a gentle mothering approach, join a Montessori Baby support group.

Most importantly, you will dive deep into exploring your role as a mother.

​Choose the format that works best for you and your child. 

Montessori Baby

Montessori education promotes independence, exploration, and self-directed learning through a child-centered approach. I believe that instilling these principles in children early in life can help them develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence that will serve them well as they grow and develop.


I help new moms encourage their child's natural curiosity and desire to learn by providing a safe and conducive environment for exploration. In Montessori Baby, new moms find a safe space to express themselves, and I provide practical tools and strategies for incorporating gentle mothering principles into their daily routines through my coaching, from setting up a prepared environment to selecting developmentally appropriate toys and activities.


Montessori Coaching

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"Zaure’s deep compassion and wisdom allow for relaxation and the ability to open to healing and growth. Book with her to experience being held with great care and knowledge."

Crystal Petitte


Colorado Springs, CO

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