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Mother and Baby

Mom Support Groups
in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for a community of other moms in the life season you are in and support to guide you during pregnancy and parenting, I have a few offerings for you

Postpartum Planning Class

Zaure helps you prepare for the first months after childbirth as part of the Empowered Birth Collective. In this two-hour interactive and practical class, you will review three essentials:

  • Transitioning to Motherhood

  • Planning Community-supported Postpartum

  • Psychology of Newborn Care


Pregnancy Dialogues: a Prenatal Support Group

This is nurturing environment for expecting parents to connect, share experiences, and gain valuable knowledge from dialoguing together. Prenatal Dialogues help parents take a pause and connect with the baby. You will be in a nurturing community, exploring the psychology and development of your yet unborn child. By understanding your role and impact on creating the environment for your baby, you will learn how you can already connect, support and parent your child prenatally. 



Well-being After Birth Planning Session

Do you want to prepare for the first few days after your child's birth? What do you envision your first weeks as a mother will look like? 

Join this workshop which will help guide you to lay a strong foundation for the most transformative time in your life. 


Bonding through music

Learn how you can bond through music during pregnancy. Music has proven to be a powerful tool for both the parents and the unborn baby. Listening to soothing melodies, singing lullabies, rhythmic vibrations and shared musical experiences promote relaxation, reduce stress, and deepen the emotional bond, setting the stage for a harmonious and loving relationship from the very beginning.


Transitioning to Motherhood

What if we can see childbirth as the Call on the Journey? Can you see your matrescence as the Heroine's Journey where you redeem and reconcile the feminine and masculine split?

Here is an invitation for you to see the time after the birth of your child as a deeply spiritual experience experience

Parenting made easier

Baby's Grasp_edited.jpg


“Parenting starts with preparing ourselves, as adults. Montessori is not only about the materials, but rather about the preparation of the environment. And that includes us, as parents. Becoming a parent entails connecting with our own inner child, and also learning to be our child's support. We are the emotional environment they grow up in. Our task is to compassionately become the adults we would have loved to be raised by. With this guide, Zaure explains the key concepts for creating the nurturing environment that children deserve.”

Olga Hernando, founder of Granada International Montessori School, Spain.


Colorado Springs, CO

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