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Well-Being After Birth​

Creating Community and Elevating Education and Care

Virtual and In-Person Guidance for the 4th Trimester and beyond

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Well-Being After Birth Journal

Are you expecting? Unlock the secrets to a fulfilling postpartum experience with my "Well-being After Birth" Guide. Empower yourself with essential insights for the sacred first 42 days postpartum. This comprehensive planning eBook, "Well-being After Birth" is designed to serve as your compass during our session.

Becoming a mother is a process.
Let me guide you and support you.

I am passionate about helping new mothers navigate the challenges of motherhood while introducing the principles of Montessori education into their homes. My workshops and classes in-person and online offer you the support you are seeking. Learn more about classes and workshops coming up soon.

Well-being After Birth
Your Postpartum Plan

This Workshop makes a great gift for any expectant parent you know!

One hour workshop dedicated to a comprehensive overview of the postpartum care and support as well as guidance for establishing a respectful newborn care practices. A perfect resource for expecting parents who want to create an intentional postpartum plan (like birth plan, but for AFTER!), learn Montessori principles for parenting from Zaure Vuk, a certified postpartum doula, bodywork practitioner, Montessori educator. 

During the Well-being After Birth Workshop and planning session, you and your partner will explore the choices to dream about your sacred window. In the Well-being After Birth Guide (re. $17) which comes as a gift, you and your partner/support person will put pen to paper and craft the sacred and meaningful experience you and your family envision together.

Learn the foundational principles of care and support you will need after childbirth. And how to find the resources to heal well. 

Post-partum · pəʊs(t)ˈpɑːtəm ·

following childbirth, the beginning of parenthood


Workshops to plan for welcoming your baby

Prenatal and postpartum resources for the matrescence transition

Our group gatherings offer various themes: prenatal bonding and conscious parenting are offered in our class Pregnancy Dialogues and Pauses. 


Another great prenatal resource is available through the INNATE Postpartum Care, Planning for the 4th trimester course. In this 5-class virtual circle you and your community come together to learn and will receive guidance how to support you and your baby during the 4th trimester. This class is rooted in practical knowledge of physiological design. During the 4 prenatal classes and one postpartum class we offer you the worldwide traditions, including ancient wisdom and practices of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Once your baby and you have completed your sacred window of healing and rehabilitation after birth, we invite you to continue your matrescence journey in a nurturing community of other mothers. Our Montessori Baby class offers mindful way of caring for your newborn. You will discover the principles of the scientific pedagogy designed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 150 years ago, and why it withstand the test of time and received recognition worldwide. 


Infant Massage — conscious communication and nurturing touch to establish trusting relationships with your baby. An amazing resource for you and your partner to care and build connection with the baby.

Get the support and guidance you need
for your well-being and growth

Discover the Magic of
Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

Experience a signature offering, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT), the most sought after service.

In a harmonious partnership, with the parents, your baby will release fascial restrictions and receive healing support to gain more freedom and openness in their body. After CFT both you and your newborn will discover a newfound centering and calmness in the nervous system.

CFT helps you gently dispel any lingering tightness in the body due to potential birth trauma.

You and your baby will enjoy a more restful sleep, improved digestion, and an easier breastfeeding journey. For best results Zaure recommends a series of four CFT sessions.


Infant Baby Massage

Fostering Connection with Your BabyThrough Conscious Presence, Nurturing Touch, and Attunement

Newborn Massage Education for parents is a series of 5 classes for parents of non-mobile babies under 6 months. This gentle and loving practice has been used for centuries across cultures. Baby massage is known to have a calming effect on infants.


The gentle strokes and rhythmic movements release endorphins, which promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. Massaging before bedtime can establish a soothing routine, helping babies fall asleep faster and promoting better sleep patterns. A perfect way for husbands/partners to connect with the baby and build a strong bond. 

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“I've received professional services from Zaure in various capacities over the last decade and she is incredible at what she does. From beauty treatments to Montessori mentorship, Zaure has an incredibly nurturing disposition. She'll set you at ease and remind you of your worth. I recently received a womb care massage from her, and I'll never be the same. She is considerate, caring, deeply in tune with herself and her clients, and very wise. I highly recommend working with Zaure!”

Amie Cazel

Partners and recommended professionals

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